Court Reporting

Pacific Rim Reporting covers depositions, trials and hearings across the vast state of Alaska.  The heart of our success lies with our court reporters, who are highly experienced in reporting complicated legal matters and specialize in maritime, oil and gas, medical and legal malpractice, construction, product liability and commercial litigation. 

Realtime Reporting

View simultaneous transcription on your laptop directly from the court reporter, scroll through transcript and do word searches.  Our realtime is compatible with Bridge, LiveNote, Summation, CaseView.

Video Streaming

Reduce travel expenses.  Pacific Rim Reporting and Courtroom Connect offer broadband quality face-to-face video streaming.  Use a secure Internet connection to videoconference with your witnesses, co-counsel and adjusters.  Use private text messaging to communicate with one or all parties.



Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS), videographers who have attended and passed a written exam that includes the requirements of Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, state and district court rules, and ethics, possess the professional knowledge, skill and equipment to videotape legal proceedings. They are required to demonstrate their proficiency by participating in a practical exam by recording a mock deposition. Only after passing both exams does the National Court Reporters Association award the videographer the designation of CLVS.

Video-to-Text Synchronization

If seeing is believing and a picture is worth a thousand words, consider what a powerful tool video-to-text synchronization can be.  It allows the jury to hear the vocal intonations and verbal pacing as well as view the body language of a witness alongside the spoken word.  No need to read the deposition into the court record. Just hit "play" and let the jury see and hear the witness.
 *MPEG2 preferable (better quality).  MPEG1 available upon request.


Media Transcription

Go to "Transcribe CD" on our Web site to upload your audio files.  Pacific Rim Reporting's transcribers are experienced, with a keen listening ability, plus superior grammar, vocabulary and punctuation skills. 

Conference Room

On-site downtown conference room with view of Cook Inlet and Mt. Susitna, complimentary Wi-Fi and parking.

Exhibit Hyperlinking

View exhibits with a click of the mouse.  Once exhibits are identified and marked at the deposition, Pacific Rim Reporting scans and electronically hyperlinks the exhibits during production of the final transcript.  To view the exhibit within the transcript, simply click on the hyperlink.